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7238864223 - Lighthouses Calendar Towel

Lighthouses Calendar Towel (1951)

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ISBN: 7238864223 bzw. 9787238864222, in Englisch, Kay Dee Designs, neu.

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A lighthouse is a beacon that will lead you home! Featuring beautiful renditions of lighthouses from all over coastal USA, this calendar towel will have you smelling the salt air & hearing the roar of the ocean every time you look upon this functional piece of art! Born in the 1950's, calendar towels have become cherished & reusable collectibles! Affectionately referred to as 'forever calendars', use once as a beautiful wall-hanging calendar, and then forever as a kitchen towel! Calendar towels make thoughtful gifts, and include dowels, coupling, cord, and a mailable gift box so you can send to a friend! Vintage is the new modern with collectible hanging calendar towels. These kitschy calendars are affectionately referred to as forever calendars as they are used well past the calendar year. A full year calendar is printed on cotton or linen and can be used as kitchen towels, stitched into decorative pillows, framed, or re-used in many ways after the year is over.Popular Calendar TowelContinue the homespun traditionUse once as a calendar, forever as a towelPrinted on 100% Linen-Look CottonIncludes dowel and cord for displayDimensions: 17 in W x 27.5 in LPackaged in mailable gift boxPerfect gift for any occasionGreat for the kitchenRave Reviews'Have been ordering your lighthouse series for years now. Excellent graphics and quality. Keep coming up with new designs' -Geneva'It is very difficult to find kitchen towel calendars, so being able to find not only a kitchen towel calendar, but one that is perfect for our beach cottage is great. I replace it every year with the latest version.' -OBXCorollaAbout Kay Dee Designs During the last six decades, through hard work, innovation, and strategy, Kay Dee Designs Inc. has sprung from its humble roots to become one of the most recognized suppliers of kitchen textiles in the industry, and has always been mindful that their customers are the reason for their success. In 1951, 'Kay Dee' was established as a hand-printer of linen towels and calendar towels. Although still operating out of rural Hope Valley, Rhode Island, today, Kay Dee Designs has partnered with the best factories worldwide to provide customers with every want imaginable in kitchen textiles, striving to provide quality on-trend textiles for every home.Why Calendars?Vintage is the new modern with collectible hanging calendar towels. Popular from the late 1950´s, dish towel calendars (also known as tea towel calendars and calendar towels) are affectionately referred to as forever calendars as they are used well past the calendar year. Collectible hanging calendar towels have been a family tradition for the last fifty years. A full year calendar printed on cotton or linen. When the year is over, they can be used as kitchen towels, stitched into decorative pillows, framed, or re-used in many ways. Years ago calendar towels made great gifts and they are in demand today! Offering nostalgia and serving as kitschy accent pieces for home décor, calendar towels make thoughtful gifts complete with the needed dowels, coupling, cord, and mailable gift box. Continue the calendar towel tradition by hanging one in your home or giving them as gifts!
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